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CCIS Integration Kit for Vendors

FCCC Contact

Jennifer Fishback, CCIS 3.0 Project Manager


High level design

CCIS 3.0 High Level Design


CCIS ICD v1.8Added Code Value 89 - Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act to the SRS Category code table.


Web Service Options

  1. NIEM Compliant Clerk CMS Contract contains a comprehensive data exchange solution to interface with Judicial Viewers, CCIS and other entities requiring Clerk Case Maintenance System data
  2. CCIS ICD Service Package contains only the data that is stored and displayed in the CCIS application and is defined in the ICD.  

Option 1

NIEM Compliant CCIS Web Services Contract (a.k.a. Volusia Contract). To interface with CCIS, format XML using the this Contract, then send XML. 


NIEM Compliant Volusia Web Service Contract 

Volusia Contract Developer Documentation

WSDL Location:

Test Endpoint:

Production Endpoint:

Test Region CCIS Audit:


WSDL Updated 4/29/2016 

  • Application ID has been added as an input parameter to web service method
  • File Type has been removed


FCCC CCIS ICD Services Package provided in two .NET framework versions  Updated 6/24/2016


CCIS Service Package .NET4.5 v1.5.0.0 - package includes dll compiled in .Net 4.5 framework

CCIS Service Package .NET4.6 v1.5.0.0 - package includes dll compiled in .Net 4.6 framework

Developer Notes provide additional explanation on ICCISPullService.


WSDL Location:

Test Endpoint:

Production Endpoint:

Test Region CCIS Audit:


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