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CCIS Reporting to MECOM

Current Status 

Pilot County/FCCC meetings are in the process of being coordinated.

Notes from FDLE/FCCC 10/12/2016 meeting will be reviewed. Meeting Discussion


The additional tasks that pilot county clerk staff would have above their current MECOM reporting workload are:

  1. Provide feedback to FCCC and FDLE on data they need from our systems to validate that the information they are required to report was reported
  2. Provide feedback to FCCC and FDLE on business rules that we define for our web service reporting
  3. Assist with development of a complete test plan
  4. Validate that the information that they have keyed into the MECOM system is also triggered to be reported to MECOM from CCIS
  5. Report defects in CCIS reporting to MECOM
  6. Participate in any MECOM project team meetings where necessary
  7. Maybe participate in project presentation at a future FCCC conference

The responsibility of clerk staff with automated MECOM Reporting will evolve from data entry to auditing and validating.

  1. Clerk CMS will continue to provide information to internal MECOM Report staff so that they know what should be reported
  2. Clerks will access CCIS MECOM Report to validate that everything that should be reported is reported to FDLE’s MECOM
  3. Report to FCCC and Clerk CMS Vendor when automated reporting from CCIS to MECOM does not occur as expected and ensure reporting occurs

FCCC and FDLE will meet sometime during the week of October 11, 2016 to discuss the technical design of the web services that will be implemented between the two agencies. During this meeting, a project schedule will start to take shape. In preparation for that meeting, FCCC and clerk staff can begin to discuss the enhancements to CCIS that are needed for clerk staff to validate that reporting is needed and/or has occurred. Based on the best estimate from our leadership, the project will most likely be in full swing during the first half of 2017. There is much we can do in preparation for that, so we welcome your participation and expertise. 


MECOM Project Information Document

HB 1355 Workgroup Meeting CCIS MECOM Presentation


Contact Jennifer Fishback for more information.


Pilot Counties

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