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News & Press: Clerks Serve Florida Act

Clerks Serve Florida Act

Tuesday, March 12, 2019  
Posted by: Samadhi Jones



HERE'S THE SITUATION: Clerks rely on a budget process that just isn't sustainable!

Clerks’ budgets are based on revenue projections alone. Revenue-generating cases are decreasing; as revenues fall, so do Clerks’ budgets. Over the past six years, the budget has fallen nearly $50 million. The revenue-based budget does not account for the workload, needs or costs of the modern Clerk’s office.


When this budget process was built, it was anticipated that those who paid to access the justice system would produce sufficient revenues to fund all services Clerks provide. Today, that’s not the reality. Many services for vulnerable populations have no fees, or fees are waived. This is good public policy; however, the revenue-generating cases that once funded these high-cost, high-workload services are gone—and they’re not coming back.

Newly required tasks each year put further stress on the budget, as does the inability to maintain a reserve. Without a reserve, Clerks are vulnerable to unforeseen events, like hurricanes, that cause revenues to decline.

Clerks’ current budget process is outdated and unsustainable—but we have a solution.



This year, Clerks have a solution:
the Clerks Serve Florida Act! 

Clerks are partnering with State policymakers on a solution that modernizes the budget process and allows Clerks to provide high quality services without growing government, or raising taxes or fees. Florida Senate Bill 1076 and House Bill 1143, also known as the Clerks Serve Florida Act, asks the following:


  • Provide budget stability by authorizing Clerks to retain earned revenues and maintain reserves in preparation for unforeseen emergencies.

  • Protect critical public services by reimbursing Clerks for no-fee services that protect vulnerable populations.

  • Create flexibility through a clear, statutory process where Clerks can request necessary funding for services and tasks required by justice partners and state policymakers.

  • Recognize needs and costs of Clerks' services in the budget, rather than relying solely on Revenue Estimating Conference (REC) projections.


WE NEED YOUR HELP TO BEST SERVE YOU. Support the Clerks Serve Florida Act today!



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