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Clerks and FDLE System Interfaces


FDLE received federal grant funding to improve the data quality and timeliness in FCIC to prevent an invalid firearm sale. The funding has been used in the development of the following FDLE systems:

  • MECOM - website used by Clerks to enter persons and court actions and by FDLE to research persons and enter persons and court actions when Clerks send data instead of entering it directly
    • MECOM transmits data to FCIC 
  • eWarrants - website used by the following stakeholders and transmits data automatically to FCIC upon completion
    • Police department
    • State's attorney
    • Clerk
    • Judiciary
    • Sheriff
  • eWarrants Protection Order - website will be the same but will vary based on origination of the protection order and used by stakeholders
    • Initiating entity to be determined
    • Clerk
    • Judiciary
    • Sheriff
  • eWarrants Search Order - Future project will enhance the website which will vary based on process flow of a search order. It will not send data to FCIC, but will be consistent with other like processes with law enforcement.

In order to achieve their goals, FDLE needs the participation of the Clerks and other stake holders involved in each process. 


FCCC/Clerk projects relating to firearm ineligibility:

  • MECOM 
  • eWarrants
  • eWarrants Protection Order


FDLE Webinar notes captured by Jennifer Fishback: 3/34/2017 


FDLE eWarrant Demo Video:eWarrant Demo

eWarrant Protection Order will be based on eWarrant software.


A separate statute was passed requiring Clerks 


Victim Notification Research


Is Charge and Warrant information available on VINELink?

VINE does not receive charge information from all facilities and therefore it is not always available to be displayed on VINELink. We recommend that you call the facility in which you believe the offender is housed and inquire about the charges for the offender. VINE does not track outstanding warrants. However, Appriss, provider of the VINE service, is working directly with several states to provide VINE Protective Order, a product that allows PO petitioners to receive notification when the warrant is served.


VINE – Victim Information and Notification Everyday, is funded and provided by local and state agencies for the purpose of notifying victims upon a change in their offender’s custody status. We provide this service as a third party and do not have the ability to remove or alter offender data in the database.


Yes. VINELink supports Spanish web content on the National Resources Tab. VINELink also supports Spanish at the state level. This is a configurable option and your particular state and/or agency may or may not have this feature enabled at this time.



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